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Cruise holidays operate all year round but there are some destinations where it is best to travel at certain times of year. This might be because the weather is at it's best or there are fewer tourists around, so bear this in mind when you are choosing when and where to go.

The Caribbean

There are usually cruise ships in the Caribbean all year round, although November to May tend to be the most popular times to travel. During the summer months it is Hurricane season so there are fewer ships sailing but if you aren't too worried by the weather then you can often pick up a good deal.


Most Alaskan itineraries run between May and September, with peak times during July and August. Travelling early or late in the season can mean the weather is very changeable but it is often a little quieter and prices can be more reasonable.

Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Asia can be particularly hot, humid and rainy during our summer months so most cruise ships tend to sail between late October/early November and February, when the weather is more bearable. Australia and New Zealand are popular at similar times, mainly during their summer months between November and March.

The Baltic Region

Norway, Northern Europe and the Baltic region can have particularly harsh winter weather so the majority of cruise ships will sail here between April and September, with peak times during June, July and August when the weather is at its best.

Mediterranean and Canaries

There are ships in the Mediterranean all year round, although the weather in certain parts can be a bit unpredictable during the winter. Prices peak during the summer months, particularly in August during the school holidays, so it can be quieter to travel earlier or later in the season. During winter the Canary Islands are often a popular alternative to the Mediterranean because of the great year-round climate on the islands.

Top Tips

Repositional cruises, where the ship moves from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean for example, can be very good value for money if you want to try a longer cruise. They will often have fewer ports of call but the day to day value is excellent and it's another cruise experience to tick off the list!

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